Front-end developer

Job description

About Us

Blockport wants to bridge the gap between the traditional financial system and the upcoming cryptocurrency world by developing a social, hybrid decentralised cryptocurrency exchange. To achieve this we need help of an experienced, ambitious and "open minded" front-end developer that's interested in helping us build the most user-friendly and stable cryptocurrency exchange available.


So you...

  • are interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies;

  • enjoy building creative, accessible and responsive user interfaces;

  • have ideas of how we can best nurture an engaging, diverse community of both aspiring and pro crypto traders;

  • are extremely curious and organised.


Must Haves

  • Strong JavaScript skills;

  • 2–5 years professional experience with frameworks such as AngularReact or Vue;

  • Experience with unit and end-to-end testing – JasmineKarmaProtractor etc;

  • Ability to write modular, scalable, low-specificity CSS;

  • Solid experience working with REST or GraphQL APIs;

  • Experience with data visulisation and related tools such as D3.js;

  • Strong knowledge of security concepts related to web development;

  • Flexible mindset and always willing to learning;

  • Communicative and collaboration skills – stay calm and positive during difficult situations;

  • Willing to have discussions pull requests.

Nice to Haves

  • Knowledge of Reactive Programming – Rxjs;

  • Experience TypeScript and other solid experience with other strongly-typed languages;

  • Experience working with large Angular 2+ apps;

  • You know how to maintain high standards throughout our team;

  • Develop and maintain a well-tested codebase using Continuous Integration;

  • You have experience assisting everyone in solving architectural problems related to API’s and optimal performance, always willing to discuss code in pull requests;

  • Experience with WebSockets;

  • Knowledge of Service Workers and other newer Browser API’s;

  • You know how to actively coach and support team members – keep the good mood;

  • You know how to collaborate closely with our product owner and Chief design to create the optimal flow of interaction with our app.

Next steps

  • Send us your CV along with any examples of your work – Github, side projects etc